Tobii Pro Glasses 2

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Wearable eye tracker with wireless live view function for insights in any real-world environment.Ultra-lightweight,user centric design promotes natural viewing behavior and ease of use. The system captures data at 50 or 100 Hz.

Capture human behavior anywhere

Tobii Glasses 2 is designed for use in the real world. Our design team created the ultra-lightweight and unobtrusive head unit to make sure test persons feel comfortable and act naturally anywhere. The head unit weighs only 45 grams.

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Item Name

True View

Capturing genuine human behavior is quite a challenge. To examine viewing behavior, including peripheral viewing, that is as natural as possible, you need to offer the respondent a completely unobstructed view.


Head Unit

Eye tracking glasses capture what the subject sees and record subject comments. The head unit weighs only 45 grams, is discreet and provides maximum freedom of movement for the test participant to accommodate genuine human behavior.
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Recording unit

The recording unit records eye tracking data and saves the data to an SD card. This pocket-sized unit allows the test participant to move around unrestricted.
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Controller software

Control and run your Tobii Glasses study with easy-to-use software optimized to run on any Win 8 Pro tablet or any Win 8 or 7 computer. Using a tablet makes it easy to manage data collection in the field and to live view the data.

Analysis software

For researchers who want to look beyond live viewing, Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer provides powerful tools for post-analysis. The software is tailored to satisfy the needs of wearable eye tracking research, including aggregation, interpretation and visualization of data.


Eye tracking specifications

Gaze sampling frequency 50 or 100 Hz
Calibration procedure One point
Calibration validation Yes
Parallax compensation Yes, 3D eye model
Slippage compensation Automatic
Tracking technique Corneal reflection, binocular, dark pupil tracking
Pupil measurement Yes, absolute measure

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