Tobii Dynavox T-Series

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The T-Series devices are purpose-built communication systems combining tablet-style form, function and features together with the industry's most robust, research-based communication software, Tobii Dynavox Compass. Together, it's augmentative communication without compromise.

Let your hands do the talking

Consisting of three speech generating devices with a 7, 10 and 15 inch touch screen, the T-Series devices are suitable for ambulatory users who have good dexterity in their hands. By writing messages on the screen, either with symbols or text, the T-Series of your choice will speak the message out loud, allowing you to express your wants and needs, or to chime in during a conversation!

Item Name

Item Name

Slim package, full speech generating device power

Built with tablet-style form, function, and features in mind, from a distance, the T-Series devices resemble an everyday tablet. However, upon closer inspection, you'll realize the T7, T10, and T15 each pack the full speech generating device power you've come to expect from Tobii Dynavox devices, just in a slimmer, more portable shell. The T-Series brings powerful communication that is designed for you!

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