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Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 120 Hz. This ultra-slim, powerful research system is perfect for studies outside of the lab, and a new generation of eye tracking technology makes it possible to track more people than ever. It is designed for exhaustive, detailed fixation-based research.

Fully-mobile, powerful for detailed research

The Tobii Pro X3-120 is our latest screen-based eye tracker and has a sampling rate of 120 Hz. It features our latest eye tracking technology advancements.The system provides exceptional flexibility and accommodates a wide array of human behavior studies. The ultra-slim, light design makes for a compact solution, ideal for studies in authentic research environments. The Pro X3-120 is capable of tracking more people than ever before, and the discrete form factor promotes unobtrusive data collection.The system shows exactly where people are looking and, with a sampling rate of 120 Hz, it is designed for detailed research into the timing and duration of fixations. The Pro X3-120 is perfect for both qualitative and quantitative research, e.g. calculation of different eye tracking metrics.

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Item Name

Versatile for a broad spectrum of studies

The Pro X3-120 can be used with a variety of screens – laptops, PC monitors, tablets, or TVs. The system can be mounted on screens up to 25" in size. We offer accessories in order to make research with mobile devices easier. The Pro X3-120's high-quality tracking of large gaze angles (up to 36°) allows you to also study large projections. There are additional accessories to accommodate studies of real-world stimuli, such as physical objects or people.


Easy to use

Simple setup, configuration, and automation promote efficient eye tracking studies.
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Eye tracker unit

The eye tracker unit measures only 324 mm (12.7'') in length and weighs 118 g (4.2 oz.). It attaches onto screens up to 25" (16:9) with supplied adhesive mounting brackets for monitors, laptops, and tablets. Mounting solutions for the study of mobile devices, as well as brackets for larger projections or real-world objects (up to a 36° gaze angle), are offered as accessories. With provided adapters, the Pro X3-120 can use the same mounting brackets that come with other screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro.


Eye tracking specifications

Gaze sampling frequency 120 Hz
Trackability 97%
Tracking robustness 92%
Accuracy 0.4°
Precision 0.24°
Freedom of head movement Width x height: 50 cm x 40 cm (19.7" x 15.7") @ 80 cm operating distance: 50 – 90 cm (19.6" – 35.4")
Latency Total system latency: < 11 ms
Gaze recovery time For blinks: immediate After lost tracking <100 ms
Recommended screen size Up to 25" (16:9)
Tracking technique Binocular, dark and bright pupil tracking combination

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