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Software for the analysis and visualization of data from our screen – based eye trackers. Supports the entire research process, from test design and recording to the interpretation and presentation of results.

One solution for every step of your process

Tobii Pro Studio is the leading software platform for stimuli presentation, recording, observation, visualization, and analysis of eye tracking data. Large amounts of information are easily processed for meaningful interpretation.Design your study, run test sessions, observe subjects remotely, visualize the results, and analyze statistics – all in a single solution.The intuitive workflow allows practitioners, researchers, and students to work with the software without extensive training and in a variety of different fields.

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Item Name

Record a wide range of data

Pro Studio integrates a variety of data, besides eye tracking, to include stimuli presentation and subject behavior, which gives researchers a complete view of behavior. The software automatically synchronizes all of the data into one file.

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