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The Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 or 10 Pro tablets. It gives individuals with physical and communication impairments the ability to navigate, control and access apps, Internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more through the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eyes, allowing them to live richer, more connected and independent lives.

Innovative User Interface – touch with your eyes

With Gaze Selection and its Windows Functions Overlay, touch gestures, various click types, taps, side swipes, as well as accessing charms and split-screen snapping, are done using only your eyes. With this interface, you are able to directly access all the functions and standard apps that run on the Windows 8 or Windows 10 tablet.

Item Name

Item Name

Supports switch and touch input

Gaze Selection can also be paired with switches for even faster computer access. In addition, Gaze Selection supports touch and mouse enabled input, allowing caretakers to quickly assist or communicate with users.



Working Distance 45 – 85 cm
Trackbox (w x h) *1 27 x 23 – 52 x 44 cm
Trackbox depth 40 cm
Weight Depends on tablet.
Operating System Windows 8 Pro

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